Corporate/Company Secretarial Services

Every corporation, irrespective of its size of the operation, is expected to have a company secretary for the legitimate functioning of the business. This requirement is no different for companies situated in the Netherlands.

How Can We Help You in Company Secretarial Services?

NEW Financials aims at offering the complete and full range of professional business services to its clients, and that includes our corporate secretarial services as well. Every organization, big or small, requires a company secretary for the efficient and effective administration of the organization, especially in regard to maintaining the legitimacy of the business. In regard to efficiency, it is the company secretary’s responsibility to ensure that the business is compliant with the statutory and regulatory requirements, and in regard to effectiveness, it is the company secretary’s duty to ensure that the decisions of the higher authorities are being implemented effectively. Finding the right person for the job can be a daunting task; that is why we present to you our company secretarial services that can assist you in wrapping up all the above-mentioned responsibilities and reduce your workload. Here at NEW Financials, we are a team of people with local expertise and a global mindset, and we can be just what your business needs- a company secretarial assistant.

Our Corporate Secretarial Services Entail-

You can reap the benefits of our consultation services, and we can be the company secretary firm you have been looking for. We have experts that have a thorough knowledge of the responsibilities and duties that are attached to the position of a company secretary. NEW Financials offers accounting and finance services as a business solution, which is just what is needed to maintain all the books of accounts in regulation with the Company Act. That’s not all; our services are not limited to just financial management; we can provide you the business management consulting you desire as well. Once you become our client, we expose you to all the services we have up our sleeve for you. You will have full access to our corporate secretarial services, and we will have need the ideal advisor, organizer, custodian, agent, and the chief administrative officer for your business. We will treat your organization as one of our own and help your business flourish in no time.
Our services have competitive rates, which makes them affordable for any client. We are feasible,fruitful, and function service providers on whom you can totally rely on to take care of your business.