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Consulting New Financials helped us get through our first financial year smoothly and successfully. We had properly handled bookkeeping and financial statements along with rightly managed payrolls and tax filings. It stirred our company away from a rocky start.

Sarah Parker (Alien ltd)

I took over our family business recently and had no idea of what went where. Luckily, NEW Financials’ executive coaching service helped me a lot. They have experienced mentors who train the executives with practical knowledge of the business world. It helped me stabilize my business and make it more productive.

Debbie Kübel-Sorger

We hired NEW Financials when our finances got out of hand. However, they were able to organize and manage our finances and delivered us a perfectly legitimate financial statement by the end of the financial year. They also consulted us regarding tax management.

Donald Simpson

When we went into business, we lacked a company secretory. We consulted with NEW Financials, and they had one of the best company secretarial services. Our problem was taken care of, and so was our business.

Christian Marcil

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